Every day, countless great creative ideas die. They go to their deaths in board rooms, on conference calls, in focus groups and in a myriad of other ways. And rarely are they ever heard from again. “Client-less”, a 24-page large-format zine, is a chance for a very tiny percentage of these unsold ideas to live again…albeit no longer for the clients for which they were originally created. On the pages of Clientless, you’ll find a slew of entertaining, inspiring and thought-provoking headlines written by some of the most talented copywriters in the business. Each was killed and has now been brought back to life with designs that hopefully live up to the brilliance of the writing.

Roger Baldacci, Joe Beutel, Linda Birkenstock, Dean Buckhorn, Tim Cawley, Phil Calvit, Ryan Falch, Chris Gault, Tim Gillingham, Kara Goodrich, Troy Longie, Conn Newton, Ryan Peck, Heath Pochucha, Lee Remias, Tom Rosen, James Rosene, Eric Sorensen, Glen Wachowiak, Sean Vij 

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